How the prevailing cold weather is affecting your game

  • July 8, 2021
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We have now reached the peak of Kenya’s “winter season”. As is the norm, the month of July is expected to be extremely cold. In fact, the Meteorological Department has warned that temperatures might go down to as low 3°C in some parts of the country!

So what does this mean for golfers? The low temperatures will affect your game in several ways:

  • Reduced coordination and strength due to cold, stiff muscles.  
  • Shortened swing thus loss of distance.
  • Difficulty in maintaining a firm grip on the club.
  • Exhaustion due to increased energy usage.

Here are three tips to ensure that you enjoy your round of golf in the chilly weather: 

Warm up

Muscles contract in cold weather thus become stiffer. Warm up adequately before your round by spending time at the practice range. Do stretches and light exercises, in a warm place, to loosen up. Warming up before a round of golf is important to prevent pulling muscles. During the cold season, the low temperatures cause muscles to cool down faster and take longer to warm.

Hydrate well

Your body uses up more fluids in the cold season to keep you warm. Interestingly, you will not feel as thirsty in cold weather since there is less water loss from sweating. Take more fluids in the cold season throughout your round of golf. Fluids that contains some carbohydrate to help keep energy levels up are highly recommended. Keeping your body hydrated will help to improve concentration and ensure that you perform optimally for a longer period of time.

Dress appropriately

Warm clothing in cold weather is meant to absorb sweat from your body and to prevent too much of your body heat from escaping. When you are cold, you become stiff and this will affect your flexibility thus hamper you from swinging with maximum power. This increases your chances of getting injured.  Keep your feet, hands and neck warm enough. However, avoid the temptation of over layering.

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