KGU embarks on an ambitious fundraising drive as new chairman Peter Kiguru dares to dream

  • May 29, 2021
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The new Kenya Golf Union Chairman Peter Kiguru has outlined an ambitious resource mobilization plan that will see the Union raise close to Kshs 100 million in the next three years.

Speaking after taking over from Ben Omuodo, Kiguru said KGU had not been able to engage in impactful golf development programmes since it operates on a budget deficit of Kshs 3 million annually. It is this hole that Kiguru, who previously served as KGU Treasurer and Vice Chairman, plans to plug through funding from corporates. 

“The current golf programs have primarily been funded by affiliation fees from members’ clubs, a position that is no longer sustainable. We intend to draw value propositions to corporates and specifically identify the value to be gained. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, the corporates are interested in the value gained and not just the normal routine sponsorships that are quickly forgotten as soon as the events are over,” said Kiguru

Last year KGU raked in Kshs 17.5 million from member subscriptions and the amount is projected to rise to 19 million from the Kshs 3,000 levied on all golfers annually.  In the Union’s 2021 budget, KGU is projecting to raise Kshs 27 million which will be gobbled up by expenses totaling Kshs 31.2 million with administrative costs rising to Kshs 13.8 million.  

Peter Kiguru, left, receives the Union Shield from Ben Omuodo, outgoing chairman

The Union has prepared a five year strategic plan that will see it invest heavily in golf development. According to the script, the corporate fund raising exercise is estimated to net close to Kshs 20 million annually in the first two years. If realized, funds allocated to golf development will shoot up to between Kshs 15 million and Kshs 20 million annually up from the current Kshs 3.7 million.

Kiguru is also eyeing the government coffers in his resource mobilization charm offensive. Top on his agenda will be to convince the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage to loosen the purse strings to fund the Golf Development programme.  “A substantial amount of money totaling Kes 250 million is spent on Magical Kenya Open which is a European Tour Event. This starves the resources available for amateur golf which therefore decreases amateur golf programs,” Kiguru observed.

Funding matters aside, Kiguru will also table the tax waiver agenda in his engagement with the government. This, he says, is one the biggest impediments to the spreading of golf to the grassroots.   He admitted that though KGU’s programme to take golf to the masses had been slowed down, the plan was still on course. “A few MOUs have been signed with clubs and the exercise will be run by the existing Golf Development Officer. As soon as our request for duty waivers is obtained, we shall get all the equipment and golf kits to be dispensed to golf mashinani,” he said.

During the elections, all the five Executive members were re-elected after outsiders Martin Nyaga, Joe Kehara and Taufiq Balala failed to muster enough votes to oust the incumbents. The five- Collins Ojiambo, Chris Muchugu, David Ndungu, Karugu Macharia and Peter Kimani- will serve for another term of one year together with newcomer Chris Kinuthia. George Gathu, Njani Ndiritu and Philip Ochola sailed through unopposed for the positions of Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

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