Kenya Open: Previous Winners

  • March 17, 2021
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Seve Ballesteros, Ian Woosnam, Trevor Immelman…these are some of the players who have catapulted to success on the European Tour after playing in, and winning the Kenya Open.

This tournament was first played in 1967 with Englishman Guy Wolstenholme winning the inaugural event at Muthaiga. His countryman Maurice Bembridge  won the first of his two titles at Karen in 1968 before defending it at Muthaiga in 1969.

The full roster of winners appears below

1967, Muthaiga , Guy Wolstenholme (England)

1968, Karen, Maurice Bembridge (England)

1969, Muthaiga, Maurice Bembridge (England)

1970, Muthaiga, Jan Dorrenstein (Netherlands)

1971, Muthaiga, Ernie Jones (Ireland) playoff

1972, Muthaiga, David Llewlewyn (Wales)

1973, Muthaiga, Jan Dorrenstein (Netherlands)

1974, Muthaiga, David Jagger (England)

1975, Muthaiga, Gary Smith (England) playoff


1977, Muthaiga, Liam Higgins (Ireland)

1978, Muthaiga,Seve Ballesterps (Spain)

1979, Muthaiga, Maurice Bembridge (England) playoff

1980, Muthaiga, Brian Waites (England)

1981, Muthaiga, Brian Barnes (Scotland)

1982, Muthaiga, Eamonn Darcy (Ireland)

1983, Muthaiga, Ken Brown (Scotland)

1984, Muthaiga, Jose Maria Canizares (Spain) playoff

1985, Muthaiga, Garry Harvey (Scotland)

1986, Muthaiga, Ian Woosnam (Wales) playoff

1987, Muthaiga, Carl Mason (England) playoff

1988, Muthaiga, Chris Platts (England)

1989, Muthaiga, David Jones (England)

1990, Muthaiga, Christy O’Connor Jr (Ireland)

1991, Muthaiga, Jeremy Robinson (England)

1992, Muthaiga, Andre Bossert (Swizterland)

1993, Muthaiga, Craig Maltman (Scotland) playoff

1994, Muthaiga, Paul Carman (England) playoff

1995, Muthaiga, James Lee (Wales)

1996, Muthaiga, Mike Miller (Scotland) playoff

1997, Muthaiga, Jorge Berendt (Argentina)

1998, Muthaiga, Ricardo Gonzalez (Argentina) playoff

1999, Muthaiga, Maarten Lafeber (Netherlands)

2000, Muthaiga, Trevor Immelman (South Africa)

2001, Muthaiga, Ashely Roestoff (South Africa) Playoff

2002, Muthaiga, Lee S. James (England)


2004, Karen, Marc Cayeux (Zimbabwe) playoff

2005, Karen, Daniel Vancsik (Argentina)

2006, Karen, Johan Axgren (Sweden)

2007, Karen, Eduaro Molinari (Italy)

2008, Karen, Iain Pyman (England)

2009, Muthaiga, Gary Boyd (England)

2010, Muthaiga, Robert Dinwiddie (England)

2011, Muthaiga, Michael Bothma (South Africa)

2012, Muthaiga, Seve Benson (England) playoff

2013, Karen, Jordi Garcia Pinto (Spain)

2014, Karen, Jake Roos (South Africa)

2015, Karen, Haydn Porteous (South Africa) playoff

2016, Karen, Sebastian Soderberg (Sweden)

2017, Muthaiga, Aaron Rai (Engand)

2018, Muthaiga, Lorenzo Gagli (Italy) playoff

2019, Karen, Guido Migliozzi (Italy)


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