Modern swing analysis and club fitting technology launched in Kenya

  • September 23, 2020
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Vipingo Ridge has introduced the latest swing analysis and equipment review technology in the country. Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor will be used to analyze the suitability of players’ equipment, advice on custom-built sets, and provide comprehensive data for golf trainers.

Saleem Haji, the Director of Golf at Vipingo Ridge and a Class AA PGA Professional, says most golfers in Kenya are using wrong clubs since they hardly get their equipment assessed.  

“All club manufacturers build and assemble clubs for the average person. However, very few golfers are actually average, in terms of swing speed, strength, transition energy, and the way they load the shaft. If you get your equipment assessed to suit your profile, you are more likely to hit the center of the clubface more often and as a result, you can swing in a more natural way. The assessment ensures that the equipment is made to fit the person other than getting the person to fit the equipment,” Saleem advises. 

The Foresight GCQuad technology uses four cameras with frame rates of up to 6000 frames per second and takes stereoscopic images of the club and ball before, during, and after impact. 

Vipingo Ridge Fitting Workshop

“The benefits of this data are that the impact location is not calculated but measured, and in turn, this allows for a better understanding of the ball flight parameters. It also allows a unique property called “delivered lie angle” and this has a significant effect on clubface orientation at impact. An additional and significant parameter that can now be measured using this system is face closure rate and this has a significant role to play inconsistent delivery of the club to the ball,” Saleem explains.

Based on the success of the technology, Vipingo Ridge has imported iron shafts of varying materials, flexes, weights, and bend profiles as well as wood shafts and different hybrid shafts to help golfers custom-make their playing sets. “We were not custom fitting or custom building clubs prior to getting this piece of equipment because without it you are truly guessing about what’s right and what’s not in terms of shaft suitability, lofts, lies, etc. We now have a complete club repair and assembly facility where we can build any combination of shaft and head. We currently have or are in the process of shipping heads from Muira, Fujimoto, Ben Hogan, New Level, Sub70, and Tom Wishon. This is also being expanded as we are in contact with several more head manufacturers,” he said.

Apart from shaft and club fittings, Saleem said the Foresight GCQuad has also proven to be an effective tool for teaching. “This technology clearly shows a student what is happening during the impact between club and ball. By being able to clearly see this data it is very easy for the coach to illustrate what is wrong and what is right with clubhead speed, club path, face angle, clubface loft, angle of attack, and the numerous other data that is available for use and interpretation. There is also plenty of ball data available such as ball speed, efficiency, launch angle, spin rate, spin axis to name but a few,” he explained.

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